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Our contributions optimiser helps you explore different contribution options to boost your retirement savings and the effect on your take home pay.

This tool provides you with general information to assist you to answer common questions such as:

  • Should I make pre-tax (salary sacrifice) or after-tax contributions?
  • If I salary sacrifice what is the tax impact when compared to after tax contributions?
  • What will be the effect on my take-home pay?
  • Will I be eligible for a Government co-contribution?

When you have finished exploring contribution options, we encourage you to use our Adequacy calculator via the link in the 'Next steps' tab to explore the impact on your overall retirement goals.

Note that this calculator should only be used for accumulation funds (such as VicSuper FutureSaver) and will not work for defined benefit funds (including the ESSSuper Revised, New, Transport or SERB Schemes).

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Current salary (before tax)
Other assessable income


Current superannuation contributions

Not including the superannuation guarantee (SG) contribution of made by your employer on your behalf.

Before tax (salary sacrifice) contributions
After tax contributions

Additional superannuation contributions

How much extra can you contribute from your take-home pay?



Based on the details you have provided, your current take-home pay is per .

If you add per from your take-home pay you can boost your super by per .

Even if you do not wish to make additional contributions you can still boost your super by per by changing your contributions strategy.

To achieve this you will need to salary sacrifice per and make after-tax contributions of per .

The estimated government contribution you would receive is per .

To view how you can boost your super, please select an extra amount to contribute from your take-home pay.

Net position

Current situation After-tax (maximised) Salary sacrifice (maximised) Combination

Take-home pay

Current situation After-tax (maximised) Salary sacrifice (maximised) Combination

Net super contribution

Current situation After-tax (maximised) Salary sacrifice (maximised) Combination

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Extra amount to contribute from your take-home pay